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EXTRA Aircraft

Eight world championships and twenty-one podiums in the past fourteen years alone with 86% percent of the field consists of our aircraft at the last world championships, we know what it takes to build the highest performing aerobatic planes at Extra Aircraft.

since 1980

Founded by an accomplished aerobatic pilot, Extra Aircraft has a longstanding history of manufacturing aerobatic aircraft with a focus on performance, reliability, and safety.

850+ Aircraft

Over the course of forty plus years Extra Aircraft has produced over 850 aircraft ranging from the original Extra 230 to the latest Extra NG and 330SX, with multiple rolling of the production line monthly. 


Our Aircraft

Delivering proven performance all the way up to the world competition level, Extra Aircraft has a variety of single-seat and two-seat aircraft options depending on your goals.

Extra Ng

The Extra NG is the next generation of aerobatic aircraft. Technically advanced and innovative, it is the rightful successor to the many legendary Extra Aircraft that have written aerobatic aviation history.

Extra 330SX

The Extra 330SX is an evolution of our proven eight-time world championship winning Extra 330SC, offering more improved performance for the unlimited competitor or free-style pilot.

Extra 330SC

The Extra 330SC is our proven and refined eight-time world championship winning single seater, that has dominated the competition landscape world wide since its inception in July 2008.

Extra 330LX

The Extra 330LX is our tried, tested, and true evolution of our legendary Extra 300L with improvements based on our 330SC. It is the pinnacle of our steel fuselage two-seaters with proven unlimited capable performance.

Extra 330LT

The Extra 330LT is our steel fuselage two-seat grand tourer that also delivers full aerobatic capabilities. Including a comprehensive glass panel, this Extra gives you the ability to comfortably travel as well fly aerobatics.

Other models

Take a look at our longstanding history in aerobatic aviation and explore the various aircraft we've manufactured over the course of the past forty years where we started with our single seat steel fuselage Extra 230.

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Why choose an EXTRA
Aerobatic Aircraft?

> Sporting heritage from Aerobatic Championships

> Safety – certified to latest and highest standards

> Proven performance in international aerobatic competition

> Hi-Tech made in Germany

EXTRA Aircraft is proud to offer four highly specialized aerobatic models that take exhilaration to the extreme.

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