EXTRA Aircraft offers five highly specialized aerobatic models that take exhilaration to the extreme.

Unlimited Two-Seat Competitor


The Extra NG is the next generation of aerobatic aircraft. Technically advanced and innovative, it is the rightful successor to the many legendary Extra Aircraft that have written aerobatic aviation history.

Unlimited Single-Seat Competitor


The Extra 330SX is an evolution of our proven eight-time world championship winning Extra 330SC, offering more improved performance for the unlimited competitor or free-style pilot.

Unlimited Single-Seat Competitor


The Extra 330SC is our proven and refined eight-time world championship winning single seater, that has dominated the competition landscape world wide since its inception in July 2008.

Two-Seat Aerobatic Competitor


The Extra 330LX is our tried, tested, and true evolution of our legendary Extra 300L with improvements based on our 330SC. It is the pinnacle of our steel fuselage two-seaters with proven unlimited capable performance.

Two-Seat Aerobatic Tourer


The Extra 330LT is our steel fuselage two-seat grand tourer that also delivers full aerobatic capabilities. Including a comprehensive glass panel, this Extra gives you the ability to comfortably travel as well fly aerobatics.

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