Extra Aircraft Introduces New Extra 330SX


Extra Aircraft’s founder and CEO, Walter Extra, announced today the newest addition to their model lineup, the 330SX.  This single seat, steel fuselage, and carbon fiber wing/empennage aerobatic monoplane is the company’s evolution of the proven eight-time world championship winning 330SC.  The 330SX first flew on June 06, 2023, and is currently in flight testing with deliveries expected to start at the beginning of Q3 2024. 

Key Improvement Highlights:

  • High Performance Ailerons delivering higher roll rates accompanied by crisper stops.
  • Reduced Fuselage Length centralizing mass and enhancing aircraft agility for all axis.
  • Enhanced Cockpit Ergonomics improving pilot comfort, experience, and performance.
    • Wider Cockpit
    • Increased Control Stick Clearance
    • Improved Headroom
    • Standard Garmin G3X Touch 7”
  • Optimized Leading Edge Cuffs improving legacy wing sealing gaskets.
  • Redesigned Cowling improving airflow for more efficient engine cooling.

The evolution of the design of the Extra 330SX results in enhanced performance across the flight envelope and allows pilots to execute gyroscopic maneuvers more predictably and consistently. The introduction of our high-performance aileron package delivers superior roll authority. It ensures that both at a competition level and on the air show stage pilots will benefit with crisper maneuverability at all airspeeds. While centralizing and concentrating mass through fuselage design updates the aircraft benefits from a weight reduction as well while retaining the same flight envelope speeds, including a VNE of 220KIAS.

Extra is taking orders now for deliveries in mid-2024 subject to company flight testing and final EASA approval.  You can see the flying serial number SX-001 at German Nationals in Dinslaken, Germany EDLD   July 8th